New to old

One thing I found while cleaning out my desktop was pictures from the the beginning of the year and to when I got it cut! Funny to see how much I have changed just this year alone! (:

Photo on 9-11-12 at 8.22 AM


Beginning of the year to the end of the year (:

Photo on 3-28-13 at 8.22 AM



Today I worked on printing my poster for the wall art, I had to reprint because of the size. (:

I’m worked on a poster for my sister that I am in love with! (: I’m gong to try and finish today and print it as well. (:

Here it is! (:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 9.23.08 AM



Everyone have a good Thursday! (:


Today i’m going to make sure everything is fine on my video. I’m going to watch it play and then if it plays correctly, print another one! && then I will be done working on it (: I’m so proud of this senior video (:

Today I also present my guest blog post. (:

I printed my wall art today as well today.

I then began on one last poster of the year and it’s for my 9 year old sister. I googled hawaiian flowers and thats where the flowers came from. I then added test for her name and that’s about it. So here it is so far. (:


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.32.02 AM


This will be my last full week of High School and let me tell you it is bitter sweet!! (: I’m more than ready to graduate (: 

Anyways today I worked on my end of the year letter and finished within 15 mins and turned it in to her. 

Now I am going to work on my senior video and putting mine and riley’s together and making a menu for that video (: I can’t wait to show it at our party. I hope that everyone will like it. I have worked very hard on these video’s so I hope the hard work will pay off (: 

Here is riley’s cover menu for the video. I like hers better than mine (: 

I got the background off of google, and added text and pictures. I hope you like it. (: 

ImageI added this to my website as well. 

I created Riley’s and I menu for when we put our pictures together. I just again found the background off of google and added text and the pictures came from Facebook. (: 

Here it is! (: 


Everyone have a great Monday (: 


Today I worked on tons of things. 

Started with I printed my last thing that goes in the professional Planner which was the interview letter. 

I then added more pictures to the senior video I am working on, and am finally started to print them on CD’s. 

I then worked on my Wall Art, I don’t know I might change somethings but this is it for now. (: Here is the picture of that. 



I did a lot today I feel like the end of the school year is coming to end so fast (: Everyone have a good Thursday! (: 


Today we have the Career Center, while I”m there I will finish up with the resume, interview letter and the and cover letter and place them in my planner. 

In the meantime I’m going to storm ideas for my wall piece I have an Idea of what I would like to do. (: 

Have a good Wednesday everyone! (: 


Today I did a lot of things!

I started with writing my guest post this morning.

Then I began printing my 20 samples of work that will go in my professional planner.

I then print my two posters that I worked on and finished Friday.

Tomorrow I will began my resume, cover letter, and post-interview and also my 11×14 so I can frame my work.

Lots to do before school is over, I’m almost done with High School (:

Have a good Tuesday everyone.